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You, yes you..story telling SOLILOQUY


You, yes you

You stand there
at the helm of affairs
self appointed king of poets,
nay, critiques,
nay condemner of those
who dare create,
just to over awe them
with your weight,
as at times you mask your guilt,
in disbelief....

Hark! Man step down
now there is born another one,
no clown he,

Death is but a shadow of hallucination
mental contamination
aberration of mind and body
and what you continue to call
as soul...

I stand singularly
sound magnetically
in the arena around,
you call the universe
where individually we all traverse...

Who art thou my apparition
out with thee
lest my hands condemn ye
out my ghost, vanish
ere from here,
you I banish...

Yet you send another soul
to confront me,
I shall not name another one
he knows who he is,
afraid to accept,
the coin
in which his birth and death conjoin...

Out with him,
axe his fear
man is born to live
to finally die and perish
in the opera of time
here I come to slay"
unless you come forward too

out with you,
you are out of my fleet
cowards I don’t breed.
go, go be gone with the wind,
will ye
else I shall blow you out
like a candle that one may be...

Finally another one approaches
with a firm mind
man you are one of your own kind,
high upon the pedestal of time

you like the statue of Liberty
the freedom
of love, liberty and power combine....

I yield to thee,
how can I not bow to ye

My snow-lord here I come now,
you may sleight
I shall your wisdom await!

My Snow man.....

''''contribution by Loved...''

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Editing stage: 


Okay, this may be the best thing of yours I have read. I, of course, don't much like the subject, but it is most certainly a soliloquy. A single voice not that of the poet. A character with a distinct personality. The language is not your traditional fare.
I will say that at times it becomes a bit confusing, but never mind. It serves. That problem lies with the reader.
A very good contribution. Now, start working on your one act play. We need two or more characters speaking for themselves without narration. Voices only with the occasional stage direction or two. I'll talk more on that in the main thread.
And since I do this... "slew" is grammatically incorrect. You need "come to slay".
Otherwise I can find no flaw in the grammar or spelling, so you obviously proofread this well. That much at least warms the cockles of my heart.
Well done.

W. H. Snow

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds. Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Congrats. I'll make this one as an example to help edit my poem.Having some trouble with mine.All the best for your act play.


for ur maiden thanks and appreciation

author comment

Hope you did realize
I am the first
shall correct ''slew'' part

author comment

I'm proud of you!! :)

Love Mand xxxx

for making me feel the pride
within me
I could pull up too
with all of you
Let Jess speak up too

author comment

I think this is the best written of all your work I've read Wes said its certainly soliloquy, so I shall glean the tone in voice from you.

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Neopoet Community

I stand alone
amidst a large crowd
where will I find
so many poets
clap clap clap
run away you inner one
they are not making fun
they have saluted you
to ensure in drama
equally well you do

Thanks to Snowman and Barbara too.
.out you go you silly fellow
be sure no one
except Stan will out do you

Hark! Jess yet to cross my path.
out you go with your evil mind
go and a new resting place find
and then a dramatic one rewind
okay okay don't mind.....
again ellipses you

author comment

From where you began the poem, I wasn't certain you could pull it off. Nice Work!


do also read the other dramatic one

author comment
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