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Xmas 2012

Jamie was behaving strangely
His wife was filled with dread
Her once mild mannered husband
Had reindeer pyjamas in bed

He'd woken up early that morning
To take a conference call,
dressed up in his suit, his tie, to boot
but then did no work at all

He comes up the stairs to awaken her
And presents her with a thong
He takes of his tie and unzips his fly
And then starts singing a song

Off with his suit and croons old Frank s
" come fly with me " as she sits
wondering what to do with the thong
Thinking surely he can't be pissed?

It's Christmas eve and 8 am
He said it was work no less
that made him leave the marital bed.
Has he something to confess?

"I need you to have a mouthful
of a new sort of Christmas punch
I'll produce it now in abundance
There's plenty to have before lunch"

His wife fled the bed in horror
To the safety of her parents room
"My husband has just been afflicted
By a new sort of sexual boom"

Jamie just took out his mobile
and called the chat line instead
And spent the rest of time texting
His new found sexual friend

"I can't wait to return to London
To help your juices flow
Put the turkey on hold, I've just become bold
And want to have so much more

butterflies in my tum and something much longer and
Harder and stronger than that.
I should be working doing my job
And sorting out my tax"

I couldn't care less that it's Christmas
It just gives me plenty of time
To catch up on hormonal surges
Normally submerged in wine

All these years I've restricted myself
Just to have sex with the wife
Not knowing what joys existed
Outside of works trouble and strife

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Conventional English city of London executive at Christmas
Editing stage: 


reading this one by doing it in rhyme. I liked the theme and you presented it well. I just wish that you had spent a little bit more time in keeping the rhythm. Since you have marked this as being a rough draft, I expect you might try to work on that. I find that I can often remove a word or two, that doesn't change the meaning of the sentence and still keep the rhythm and pace. ~ Geezer

This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place

I will work on the tempo

author comment

this was unexpected and fun. a little tightening needed but not too much.
going to pay much closer attention to what you contribute.

plz keep writing!

Famous song the fool on the hill. The Beatles I think

author comment
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