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slick backed visage
streaming shower

like candles
burning fluently
as caresses
smooth as flesh

Editing stage: 


you are a distinctly
distinct one..
on Neo's


burt lancaster and a starlet on a beach
Here to Eternality

any car motorbike scene
the muses with hair slicked back

u tube...information via interweb now
like unwinding
all thoughts sensation coursing through
like an Un Gasm
the un becoming of built up expectation
channeled through avenunes of
pain or pleasure
Love or Hate

then that stop
the four wheel tire hop lock up
the half skid heel down
bike turn

crashing crecendo scream
and gasp

the afterglow of apiphanies
tingling the soul
the body
the spirit
in that heart pounding
lung burning
wide eyed blurry focal

back to living in the skin
living in the body
the NOW

candles of primitive
light need
votive for the prayer
or ceremony of
loss or exhultation

sensation and intelligence
and the wild spirit

Thank You!

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