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Work It

I was transformed
when I turned sixty-two.
It was effortless, really.
I woke up and another year
was spread across
the end of my bed
like a satin robe...
soft, silky.
I slid into one sleeve,
then the other,
pulling the smoothness
up around my nape
as it whispered
sweet nothings
in my ear,
"You've been expecting me,
I am here."

Yes, Sweet Sixty-Two.
You belong to me, now, Girl.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Last few words: 
Getting older? I got this...
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


and working it you are!
I feel blessed when i have a birthday.
You have made 62 easy to wear,
I say well done my friend, a gorgeous write with imagery to match.

Thank you...Teddy

'Easy to wear.' Sounds like a good T-shirt slogan!
Thank you for reading and your generous comment!

author comment

that it was that easy for me. You make it sound like it was a party before you even got out of bed. I really liked the personification and the ease of believing it spoke to you. Nice job. ~ Geez.

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Ha, ha! It's all going a bit too fast now, so I'm going to hang on for the ride! (As long as I don't pull a muscle.)
Thank you!

author comment

when I turned 62 my wife and I looked at our bank accounts and decided--yes, I can afford to retire, especially when I sold two businesses. My advice to you would be:
don't retire! Boredom will kill ya, unless you take up writing poetry. Or worse, as in my case, the noticeable smell of decay around me stems from all those bad verses I wrote--nothing to do with my age of nearly 86. Okay, dear--hang on, and don't pull a muscle. Jerry

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This was actually written last year and I am well on my way to 63! Covid caused me to take an early "retirement", but I think of it as more of a journey upward and onward. Poetry is one of the major players, for certain. Thank you for reading and bringing your great sense of humor!

author comment
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