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The Wonder of God's Whim

If you didn’t see
The brilliant flash
You heard
The low, guttural rumble

Like a thunderstorm
Life is a full on
Sensory experience

The kiss of rain
The music of the sky
The torrent of so much love

A drastic change
In the weather

That makes you
Pull over
In awe
On the side
Of life’s road

Cancel your carefully laid plans
To make new

So much power
It can short circuit
Our limited

Remind us of
The astonishing staccato
Beating of our hearts

The natural
And supernatural wonder
Of God’s whim

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I'm not a believer myself, but that
doesn't mean that I don't appreciate,
and recognize a well written poem
on the subject ...

thanks for posting

thanks moonman. sometimes my poems go the God direction. I love how poetry deals with finding the sublime in the mundane, and critiques the "sublime" as mundane at times as well. thanks for reading and your kind comments.

author comment

how supernatural [extraneous] factors control our actions, emotions, thinking is well thought of and captured in your poem shows that you have a vision of looking at events differently beyond what is seen by the naked other words you have that creative instinct...certainly many of your poems make me think...

raj (sublime_ocean)

your poems definitely make me think as well, raj. thanks for the words.

author comment

love the trust in this poem; real, native belief is very rare now. You are to be commended for such unguarded wonder and non ironic expression, and this is the best poem I've read here today.

thanks fink555. poetry, I find, is a place where more of my childlike heart can come out. it is a sacred space for me, to try and think the best about life. I certainly struggle with skepticism and angst as well. and write poems about that too. but "unironic" is such an encouraging word to hear describing this poem. I struggled after I wrote it, thinking about how much damage storms have caused, and is THAT God's whim, too? but I think I really am a believer that "the torrent of love" is the most true expression of life or God or the universe or whatever. I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem and thanks for sharing your kind words.

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