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Women With Their Moods

Women With Their Moods

Just when I get into the groove,

The bell began to rang at closing time
Do you all remember when you were broke
Down to your last thin dime
Getting to the top of the ladder

There still was no where to go
What a tremendous effort and climb
The aura of the plaintiff was extremely rare
This is not another game of truth or dare
With women and their moods

I'm not sure what to think
One day she's hot !
The next I'm like a dog in search of some meat !
The fascination is not uncommon
It comes one's a month when she meets that certain friend of hers

This is not something that she depends on !
Women, you can't live with them
Certainly, on some days' would like to forget that you met them
But what would man do without them ?
Who would put the cap back on the tooth paste
Who would shut that toilet seat down ?

There is a lot that they truly do
Nothing really comes to mind at this present time ?
A rib was taken out of the first man Adam's side
After that day creation was set forth on one wild insane ride !

Choose to let go and explore !
Try not to take things to personally
Cause if you do women will surely put you in an early grave.
Be wise, don't ever believe that you got it made !
By Mario William Vitale

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But as a self confessed male Chauvinist pig, I like women and their moods, even though they sometimes drive me crazy.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

do it then the rest we will read it

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