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Wild and free

And sometimes I feel. I just have to get away.
Run off, into the forests, wild and free
The blue streams will lap at my ankles
The warm sun will cast rays on my face
And I will laugh, I will cry.
Free from the constraints of societies heavy bonds
But for now I am trapped
Trapped, by my alarm in the morning, my daily routine
By the way I must act, the things I must say.
And the disease of consumerism
Is devouring me, inside out
For now I am trapped
But one day I will be finally free

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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[This option has been removed]
Last few words: 
I've been playing around with the theme of escapism lately let me know what you think
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but I'm afraid it has been said before.
Originality is the hardest thing to achieve in a word form practised for over 12000 years.
You need to be specific, take a stand, about exactly what is wrong with this world and suggest strong actions to change it.

Neopoet Directors

You convey the feelings powerfully.

Neopoet Directors

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