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When I am Old

When I am old
that is to say, older then I am today, for truth be told
I already am... old to some, but
When I am old I plan on being just as bold and brash and full of wildfire
... perhaps desire has lessened some for unions of flesh
but oh the workings of the mind!
Wonders discovered which lay deeper than muscle and skin
the hidden treasures deep within another's soul
these are the lights which warm me on nights so cold..

When I am old...


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perhaps desire has lessened some for unions of flesh
but may be age flares and tries to dare
just don't care
a body human is a robot
poet are you new

Thank you for commenting...
... no not really new, I have been somewhat lost for a few years and haven't been participating here... an unexpected email brought me back.

author comment

do scan my 3 or 4 yet due
hope all is well with you

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