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What it means to be human


A day can be a lifetime
a moment an eternity/
we enter this world
fighting to live;
we leave much the same
calling for our mother
to comfort our agony
and tale us away,
All is mystery and uncertainty
our faith begins to wane
and courage fades into fear
But this is what we are born to do';
other footsteps we must follow.
So let's make the days that remain
and live until it is our time.

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Such wise word's - and so true! You are an inspiration in so many ways!

Love to you

Mand xxxxxxxx

There are worse things than death, But we need to follow the sun and make our life meaningful. That's not easy when each day becomes unbearable at moments.

Bless you,


author comment

amongst millions
who have their lives run
but you are one a million
who has life's race
so meritoriously won
to cherish you now
mankind has its voyage begun

This is worthy of a poem. I encourage you to write.

author comment
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