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the elastic strap
soaks white
and its a part of me
the wind up importance
beneath the worn chrome
dust and counting

Someone was playing
Stones from a radio
the notes cut the start
of the day like a bayonets

We packed up
checked the gear
Raybans and extra
doused before
the rotors spun up
the hot dragons breath
of high octane
Boots aired out
still wet
Not soaking

Going somewhere
keeping time
lifting up
and heading off
The light filling
my eyes
the webbing
ragged but it
Holds all the Me
and You
whom watches
my back

we will get back
all the shiny leafed
wonder slipping
the gunships
the line up

Wound up
like the radium
my favourite
is seven

Luck arrives
in shapes
no prayers
can bring
no courage

Seven months


Editing stage: 


Your work is stunning i love reading your kind of poetry, sorry i don't comment as often as i read. Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

the joy of writing...
is the Now of its existance
To create the atmosphere

I never did any training..
but maybe could have
been something....
poor choice at fourteen
the switch thrown..a different

but to detail it up..
throw on the equipment
to me...Worked enough construction
to feel the dirt mud....exhaustion
no explosions..
and for a lot of the people that
served that was just a year or a wound
and back out or re serving..
Or dead...or mia or just struggling
on return..
but at the moment
to describe just enough
a visual script

I would want to get on the helicopter
of which I rode a small Bell I believe
made sixty four in nineties spring..
winter carnival...girlfriend and I
went up...

a camera chopper we got near
a friend and i...
the heat..smell..rotor wash
activity of those about it
before taking off...

I can imagine it packed taking
off....get out of here..hope we
make it..prayers....
let alone being shot at
dragging in the dead and wounded

it would be routine although there is
no such a thing of course...
we rolled out in our work trucks
the paint worn off on places..
the repair job...
hope your hoses hold
the steering works..brakes work
we had maps for pole line work
clipboards..workboots...we met greet and meet...
far from the yard..

but to just cut it down to a few moving shots
so everyone can relate to it...
its the writers story
but its everyone elses story at that moment

Thank You!

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