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From their cities they don't see;
too much smoke from all the fire
as barbarian rioters run free.
They think the smoke is freedom's pyre.

BLM and ANTIFA, they think they have the upper hand
but they don't see the flashes far away
of the storm building in our land
which draws closer every day.

Instead they act like evil kids
pitch fits when things don't go their way.
They attack and burn in their weak bids.
Then retreat to basements in light of day.

And the cloud keeps building up
un noticed by homegrown barbarians
far from a tempest in tea cup
the clouds build as anger gains.

Now deep rumbling, storm almost here
ere long lightning will come in force
and sent rioters running in fear
to mom and daddy's home of course.

They have time if they stop Right Now
but they best not wait too long
lest they are shown exactly how
rifles and shotguns sing their song.

So before you burn another place
look into the eyes of older folk.
You'll see them starting to embrace
the violence you use like some joke.

For it's citizens like me
who have nearly had enough.
Best you hope that you don't see
the definition of being really tough.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


I always admire your writing and respect your opinions but I will(which is my way) not comment on anything remotely political this is well written as always


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I am not much when it comes to writing of politics but am pleased you think this is well written

author comment

Hi Stan, I don't like to get mixed up in politics, but the truth is that the whole world is worried about events in the USA. I was watching CNN and it's scary. And Michael Moore is predicting again that dt will win or that he's creating this terrible rioting so that he can call off the elections in November.
We've been thru' all that in Argentina (and Chile). A state of siege is declared nation wide and there are strict curfews. I'm praying daily for you people.
Your poem's title, content, rhyming and spacing is all fine. I think I feel what you're feeling...worried.
Hoping all goes well, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

Please pay NO attention to anything CNN says. After all they are calling rioters and looters peaceful protesters. I am saddened by the present state of the once great dem party. I can recall when they were not driven by hate and were willing to work with others for the good of our country. Well I could go on and on but won't lol. Thanks for dropping by

author comment
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