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Wait Within My Colton Friend

at every chance at the slight of a glance barbed wire fence within advance..,
Johnny came out from the attic can you seek to cut it from above yet,
a rod and stain tossed brevity as easy as it may seam
given power in the pay check seeking self to please
running out of steam

slow at the staff ignored at the advance
heros breed a dime a dozen
Warhol sought his 15 minutes of fame
guided nurse we kiss and plow

sweet swollen kisses the more you ever plow
had lost the key to Drakar perfumed won
honestly you could see wait for the action one
from a distance we lie a wait and agree

we get behind a spark that's won
gripped together out of scorched mockery
running full circles within vast without
don't fear the reaper...

ravaged through the plunder the enemy screams
back pain hushed past the New York mile
the calm and hushed pull of the enemy
sharing thoughts of the make believe

no civil court a man of vial suited dreams
Colton rushes ahead to give me his hand a seated ham
the likes of Ashbery & Jackson...
my mind is clearer now

a curse nor a plough
bridges to cross Madison County
today we think with the lights to ponder
waiting stil ever realizing a peddal pushers dream
the sentiment of love out past the artic scene
you can take me across although a Nigga with fries
you could nail the porch out past the crowd of steam
life goes before the fall to the wanna beat no it all
Pond & Blake
make no mistake
put a silence to the know it all

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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I like how you reference pop culture and famous people in this one. your language has a music to it, though it was hard to follow what you were trying to say in this one. but I guess that's the fun of poetry sometimes! it seems to be a sort of stream of consciousness, with ideas from your psyche mixed with the world pressing in on you. like a day in the life of.

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