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In case some don't remember Bernstein is the mathematician who came up with Bernstein's Postulate which states simply : Murphy Was An Optimist......................

Bernstein is Jewish you know
but observes Christmas even so
decorates his house real festive
on Christmas eve his kids are restive

Well, before last Christmas eve
he asked what they'd like to receive
his wife and little lads and lasses
( hoping for toys or cheap sun glasses )

But being him and with his luck
to buy the list would fill his truck
his disposition, usually sunny
turned grim due to lack of money

He decided to economize
saving cash will be the prize
the first savings I think will be
I'll find and cut down my own tree

So he sped to public forest land
and spied a cedar that looked grand
just as he began to load it
a ranger appeared, where is your permit ?

That "savings" cost two hundred dollars
so he left the hills and hollers
( at least he got to keep the tree )
what other savings could there be ?

AH HA! he saw a discount store
savings are what they are for
discounted turkeys, hams, and such
which could save him pretty much

Over on another aisle:
bicycle kits (beside the tile)
there's even a jewelry section
with a nice diamond selection

Buying all this varied stuff
made loading it all pretty tough
when the trunk lid broke the discount booze
it gave Bernie a case of blues

Finally at home, put the tree up
which was promptly peed on by the pup
who then got the boot out of the door
#$@%ing dog ol' Bernie swore

Groceries stored and presents hid
(ring for wife and bikes for kids)
there's a funny "bird nest" in the tree
he decides to let it be

Doesn't mention it to Mrs. B.
as they decorate the tree
with lights, tinsel, and colored balls
which reflect bright colors on the walls


Mrs. B. is looking "right"
and Bernie thinks, " It's Christmas night"
maybe the hot girl that I wed
Has a present for me in the bed

But he just can't catch a break
his honey has a bad head ache
so they get the kids to sleep
as toward midnight the clock hands creep

Go on to bed my darling wife
you've had plenty enough strife
I'll assemble both the bikes
for both of our little tykes

Doing so would be a breeze
had directions not been in Chinese !
he got to bed 'bout sun rise
as kids awaken surprise, surprise

Look at the wrapping paper fly!
and the diamond makes Mrs. B. sigh
somebody bumps that funny nest
disturbing hornets at their rest

While swinging at a stinging thing
Mrs. B. breaks the "diamond" in her ring
the discount stone was made of paste
not a savings, just a waste

After many swipes and swats
and a few stings (OK, a lots )
the hornets are all dead and out
the buggers sure do pack a clout

They tried the bicycles outside
resulting in a loss of hide
as "part A" was put in the wrong place
a wheel fell off 'twas a disgrace

So patch them up and stop the crying
( you'd have thought that they were dying )
go inside and start to cook
avoid the wife's go to hell look

At last they're all around the table
and eating all that they are able
before the plates had gotten clean
everyone was turning green

The discount ham was not quite right
it sickened everyone in sight
while stacked at the emergency room
receipient of glares of doom

So you sit back, enjoy the day
I hope that all things go your way
if you think to you life has been mean
just be glad you're not Bernstein

This was originally for Shirley's contest, But I decided it was too long and I'd inflict it on ya'll Ho Ho Ho

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Well it's not the first time my "poetry " has been the center of being laughed at.................thanks lol. I'd put it on your blog if I could cut and paste but to retype it would result in a permanently flattened index fingertip. ....stan

author comment

You misunderstand . I am unfamiliar with cutting and pasting. All you kids just assume we old farts are as familiar with computers as ya'll are. When I was growing up a computer was a pile of pebbles you used when you ran out of fingers and toes to count lol.........stan

author comment

My tired index finger would be most grateful lol. As to texting , I didn't even know what lol meant 'till I came here. I guess I'm the last Luddite..............................stan

author comment

At least the length of some of my poems keeps growing. I realize that you and a few others have a lot to do with what improvement I've made. Thank you ! and merry Christmas to you..................stan

author comment

I have a new write for the contest. Just an oldie I edited for the holiday. Might even edit another one soon

author comment
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