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let us raise our glasses
to unspoken feelings
camaraderie, faith and things unsaid
as i fall deeply in love
with loving
having never heard
of a thing so absurd

let us smash our clocks
watches and timepieces
for we will not be ruled
by the movements of a hand
i’ll live by the presence of pure light
dawn to dusk, that’s how it works

and we’ll talk till dawn
without a quarrel
laugh and cry about
where we went
it's beautiful darling
embrace it and be it
let us live
in the spectacular now

and let us escape
into beautiful anarchy
drinking wine in the morning
and whenever we can

i will not deny
this strange taste of freedom
but rather approach it
extending my hand

with the same curiosity
as a child and the stars

embrace me

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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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and they died...Jim and Pam...heart throb Dean Natalie years later
never finding anyone too embrace her....
lone wolves willing to be a pack
and in the end torn to peices by the velocity of the vortex

all my relationships that those Halcyon Beginnings
stand offs in the end
and gatherings....

stay in touch with a lot of exs
for all the Ohs
doncha know

flux of an excitement
thrill of danger
for others
eachs perception
of Love is different

a carefully mapped
out poem of a desire
or want of something

once past the Halcyon
it gets into the ride
and eventually the
work that defines
if the whole things
real or just smoke
and mirrors..

very well written
excellent piece

Thank U!

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