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An Uber Ride

the Uber driver
said, you have
a choice
between Beethoven
and beat boxing

I said, you have
a choice
between freestyling
and a free ride

we both laughed

I covered my mouth
with my hands
and let the spit fly

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How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
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interesting read, pretty visual
i wonder what was his choice and whether you spit inside the car or out of the window
i am sorry if my questions seems out of place
i like the poem and its after-taste


hi iriz! thanks for your read and comments. the spitting in the poem is what is produced by his beat boxing. it can be messy, lol. "freestyling" is rapping over a beat, on the fly. making it up as you go. the implication is that the passenger beat boxed and the driver rapped a freestyle (instead of giving a free ride). hope the explanation helps!

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