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'Twas the Eve of All Saints

'Twas the Eve of All Saints
and here in my den
I settled by the fire
with journal and pen.

My tea, sweet with honey,
my wrap, soft as lamb,
my toes, nice and toasty,
my rolls, full of jam.

When what to my
oblivious ears did I hear?
A tap on the window,
a voice filled with cheer.

Then to my horror
my door opened wide
as seven ghostly faces
peeked eagerly inside.

I dashed from my chair,
dove under the bed,
but the faces flew in
right over my head.

Finally one spoke,
"We know that it's late,
but I am Saint Peter
of the Heavenly Gate."

"Tomorrow we feast,
tonight, we all roam.
We've come to visit
your Halloween home."

"Saint Chris of Travels,
Michael of Sword,
Paul the Apostle,
writer of Word."

"Francis of Assisi,
Daniel of Den,
Andrew of Twelve,
fishers of men."

They sailed up the wall,
they soared down the stair,
they pummeled the pillows,
then sat in my chair!

Soon Peter chuckled,
then a whistle he blew.
"Time to roam onward!"
Out the doorway they flew.

I heard him exclaim
as I recovered from fright,
"Happy Eve of All Saints,
and to all a Good Night!"


Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
To some, Halloween is also known as the Eve of All Saints - All Saints Day practiced by some Catholics and Protestants. I combined both days for a joyful spin.
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


I think that you could tighten it up a bit here and there, but Jeez... Nice stuff!
1] Saint Chris of Travels
2] We will forgive the stretch for [sword and word]
3] Andrew of Twelve
Very nice and I wish that I had written it. ~ Geez.

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Great suggestions that I will take! Thank you so much for always helping!

author comment

Ha! I have no doubt that your poem will be "spook-tacular" and I can "haunt-ly" wait!
Thanks, Jerry!

author comment

Dear Lavender, what a wonderful sight and a wonderful fright, ghost galore, I read "Twas the night before christmas" very often to an American boy at work, we just adore it, this is a great addition for halloween. Gorgeous, you're such fun

Thank you...Teddy

When I was a child, Halloween was a neighborhood event - Mrs. Norcross always made giant popcorn balls, the elderly Clarks always gave out Juicy Fruit gum, Mrs. Dusthimer made caramel apples, and candy bars were HUGE! My siblings and I wore the same costumes several years in a row and didn't think a thing of it. We used pillow cases to gather our treats and traded our favorites when we got home. It was tremendous fun, indeed.
Thank you, Teddy!

author comment

You have given such a fun insight of what Halloween is like in the USA, of.course here it's much smaller and nothing like you describe, if the kids go trick or treating, it's possible people don't open the door but all kids in the world love Halloween and it's been such fun to share this with you. The first time I really understood How in the USA they do it is when I saw ET for the first time, I must have been around ten years old. i still adore that film and when they are dressed up, those are my favourite scenes.

Thank you...Teddy

That you wrote this poem before my muse could lay her fingers on it. XD What a thrilling ride, and so humorous too! I love how it makes me think of A Christmas Carol by Dickens, I could almost see Marley and Scrooge in the setting! Well written indeed, and definitely a new favorite of mine.
In Vs4, Lns3-4, might it sound better for grammar and flow to just say "I saw ghostly faces/through the doorway peek!" the extra 'they' throws off your meter.

"To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's true aim." Oscar Wilde

Yep, I struggled with that stanza. Your suggestion flows better, sounds better and looks much better.
Thank you very much!

author comment

read to the beat of night before christmas this is the perfect and most amusing rhyme I enjoyed it immensely

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Thank you for your wonderful comments!

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