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Until its shaken
Apples falling far from the tree
Ripe but rotten within
And disbelief
Is again believed

Standing still in time
Reflections blurry and out of focus
Noises barely penetrating
The locked room I am in again

I know where the key is because
I never threw it away
Always knowing I would need it
And so carrying it with me
Never leaving the house
With free arms



But in this decade
There is peace for me
In some mature and boring way
Because I understand something

That trust is not something
you can give to me
And what you can't give
You can’t take away
So it’s not a wall I built

Or if it is, it hasn’t kept love out
Its more a permeable membrane
Like learnt in biology
Letting in what is needed
And keeping out the poison

You can have love
With no trust
I know thats not poetic
Romantic or dramatic
Its just what I have found
And that has to be enough

So life goes on
And trust is something
That lives on in me
Alive and well
Contradictory in its existence
Not given or taken away
And not killing me
Or my love for you

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This is powerful, to say the least! Many of us have trust issues and I wonder if it is not in our DNA or RNA or whatever governs the behavior of humankind? I'm speaking of humankind as a species, not as
individuals, because as we all know, there are exceptions to every rule. I like the way that you maintain that sort of optimism throughout the poem and even at the end; saying that you have enough.
I don't believe that there is anything that I would change. I am sure that you have worked hard on this and it shows. ~ Geezer.

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Thank you for reviewing this poem - I am glad you found it optimistic, because to me it is just that. I agree that so many of us (if not all) have issues with trust, and I do think that trust is very important, but I have just found in my life that to trust yourself and your reactions is a happier place to be. I don't mean be a fool, just trust in what is right for you, I guess!! Thanks again for your review :)

author comment

Hi, what a wonderful exploration - it feels so familiar to me (meaning, I think we have a similar process perhaps?). I need to say I love it & it speaks huge washes of emotional response across my exploration of it & how it affects me. I am still trying to surface actually, this is a deep immersion.

The thing that stands out here is the polarization, You seem to be comfortable in it & it is not comfortable for me. I don't generally like to comment directly to the subject, but forgive me if I say this... To me, trust is never an easy thing to offer again once it has been broken, that's it's complete nature, so I struggle with this... but also completely relate to your solo efforts to reinstate trust, maybe because without it, love doesn't flow so well & you are clearly committed to maintaining love....
I wonder if my musings here are too dripping with how it dredges up my own experiences?

In any case, I am very glad to have found you, makes me feel like there's someone else in the world that experiences some things in a very similar way... so less alone.

& I enjoy your writing very much - thank you.


My dear friend always told me "Water the seeds of joy first"

I left a comment on your poem "Still' that relates to what you say here - I agree, we seem to experience things and express them in a way that is relatable!! I am loving your poems, have yet to read them all but am looking forward to enjoying each and every one. Thanks so much for reviewing my poem!

author comment

I am now I "fan" (chuckle).


My dear friend always told me "Water the seeds of joy first"

Haha!! I am also a newbie on here and am finding reading other peoples poems and then comments on my poems really interesting and enjoyable. You aren't down the wrong track at all, I agree totally about the world not having to end when trust is broken, and you can remain whole because you always are whole really. So, welcome on here and I look forward to reading some of your poems. It really is a great site I think, and I am so glad I ended up on it!! Thank you so much for your comments.


Lindsay :)

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