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Oh my love
The days flash by
We are always stayed side by side
now in the distant memory
gone with the wind
are those days gone by
when side by side in love we did lie

remembrance of lovers
who once lived now flies
the world of wilderness
slower comes around
the voice of the angel
is now not to be found.

See the garden behind
it will you forever remind
where once we did each other find
now a lost battlefield
without sound
no colour but green around
we played about in the autumn leaves
where so many hues were to be seen
now all is a barren scene

lovers we were
now in a batch floating around
which match none can that now sound
we have played floating games aground
now amidst a shoal
one has to be found
now nowhere
in the far distant horizon
where others continue to cavort
as we did once
gone is the memory
with the tides high and low
there is nothing left in the sand to search below

from the Earth early I go
just await me
if in the dying sun
the distant horizon
you can still summon me.

else I take leave
of my love thee

Au Revoir

This has been composed if he was speaking still!
SAD, we now learn it was a suicide !

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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He will read our writes and shout out to us across the void,
"I could not wait my friends, one day as all the now's are drawn together I shall tell to you, of dark places and lighted roads that meant freedom to one such as me, cry not that I may see your grief, I stand laughing at your sides as morning comes."
Loved in life he was a beautiful man, it is a sorrowful day where we must say goodbye to our physical friend, as I think he may have been a friend to so many that he didn't know..
Let us celebrate his fun side and embrace the dark days he must have had, when there was no-one to hear his voice, putting those dark times as a guide to those that suffer so, where we go out and just talk to another on our daily walk in life.
Nano, Nano, young Robin, and we one day will hear that "Good Morning" cry again,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Its a beautiful poem. He is a sad loss.


hope others view

author comment

Would never have believed that a guy like Robin Williams would commit suicide. This only goes to show one thing - no matter how happy a person seems, you never know what is going on inside.

Nice tribute


Leonard Daranjo

"When the waiting stops, the living begins"

is the ultimate act
but why so I shall get back

I decided to study all my friends
whose end came the same way
most were unhappily married
what else can one yet say

author comment

This such a wonderful tribute to Robin Williams - you have many wonderful phrases here! His death will leave a void - he bought joy and laughter to so many people. I think you have captured the emptiness that his death will bring! He will always be a fond memory, with his energy and sense of humour. Forever being remembered for making people happy - it's so sad that he suffered himself!

We are with you on this one Lovedly! ::)

Love Mand xxxx

thank u for your lovely words ...All life is a suffering for all... it's only our mind that has to view and master over ourselves..... I had never met.. nor seen nor ever heard about the actor... it was only certain facets of his life that came to mind ..when I composed the poetry..

Later only I heard he had died so unhappy..The reasons lie elsewhere.....I have studied lives of 12, such cases, which I had crossed in my life, More about that later.

Man is a prisoner of his genes ,but a brain is equipped to take a mind, to control over ones life to a greater extent....More about that later

Cancerians -------world wide ...are losers.
You know late.Diana and -----July has been named after the worlds greatest loser
Julius Caesar we all know. More about that too later
thanks tis sad still, may the world reconcile with his absence.

author comment

you may continue to know me
as loved

author comment

I'm a Cancerian too and I'm no loser! lol.

Now, about poem. Well written, I must say but you've already known that. Nothing less to be expected from you. It is a pity that he died this way. I'm not really a fan of the comedy but I have watched a couple of his movies. He is a talented actor.


I had never known him... but i read post scrip... just after he died in the newspapers... I have my own intelligence of my mind ...But it was only after I composed the poem, that i was shocked to know of the manner by which he departed ..
I have studied this aspect in about a dozen guys. I saved one ... well more about that later
.As far as Cancerian is concerned ,all is relative
and Parretos law ....80 is to 20 percent theory in all walks of life,still holds good.
.Do keep a check of anger.
Thanks for the words you wrote above....take care.

author comment
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