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touch of spring

histories behind plate glass
the fabric of the test

wrapped like shrouds that blow
the shadows of the exam..

Editing stage: 


why do you say exam

we think theories quick on the move...busy from points
to points.....i question quick thoughts.....often..
examinations of theory.....not like a full exam paper
to be graded....but of what we take is there..

author comment

the feeling that you are trying to figure out what has happened to your town. Looking at the plate glass windows of the empty stores and businesses and wondering where it all went wrong. I might be just putting my own thoughts here, but that is what I see. ~ Gee

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stories of personal intimacy interaction or lack of..
reflections with the lighting up here....cities more flatter
i mean not much indentation but i realize that windowshops
flatter to sell......interesting this thought here...more looking at
my reflection thinking what went wrong...ignoring the scene
within to look at my outer to try to fathom the within...

i started with the first view you had about this poem though
and worked it through now to the described.....thinking much
lately like a detective...the details we see and dont see...
like a magicians trick to re figure...illusions...

interesting that the antagonists and protagonists in books
i liked were called moriarity

author comment
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