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From Time To Time

He drinks a little
from time to time
it's how he explains
the loss of his mind
The spouting of this
the spewing of that
The blurring of lines
where lies become fact

He's a good ol' guy
he'll tell you so
Good father
husband and friend
Incredibly loyal
honest and true
Always faithful
to the bitter end

He drinks a little
from time to time
it's just one drink
Is that a crime
But one becomes two
then three or four
oh what the hell
why not one more

He doesn't know
how it changes him
All the anger issues
he's been holding in
How he lashes out
at the ones he loves
Then he says he's sorry
but it's not enough

and it's always something
from the way way past
That strikes a chord
and kicks his ass
That brings him down
to a new low low
Then it's round and round
and round we go

Then he sobers up
and becomes a saint
Thinking things are fine
knowing well they ain't
But he walks the walk
and he tows the line
Knowing full damn well
It's just a matter of time


He drinks a little.

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Clearly you are not new to writing. This is a great, concise expression of a too common tragedy in rhyme. It'd make a perfect song actually ... Look forward to more from you .


My dear friend always told me "Water the seeds of joy first"

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