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a thousand miles of silence

a thousand miles of silence

started with one step
over an edge --
never retraced

quiet, too exquisite
to leave behind
and return to cacophony's fray

still live in noise,
but silence is here --
a trusted friend who offers refuge

from helter-skelter of the street
outside the door --
never-ending it seems

cars going, people yelling, occasional gunshots
dogs barking, cat-fights at night
want to turn down the volume

jets come and go from airport's busyness
over the house day and night
night and day are heard

was once so quiet --
Nature's sounds that didn't hurt
pushed to the background --

if one can be found
to utter a word of peace --
was all once wilderness

began with a step
over an edge
never retraced

would not go back if I could
why would I want to
into noise of chaos . . .

a thousand miles of silence
is wonderful to hear
a fly flies round the desk light

without a sound.

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As long as we can escape into an inner silent peace the noisome world is tolerable. I'll let you tell me if busyness is spelled right ?...............scribbler

"I'll let you tell me if busyness is spelled right ?...............scribbler"

What? Of course it is spelled correctly. I really don't understand the relevance of the question. How else would you spell it?


"When a pickpocket meets a holy man all he sees are his pockets."

Unknown (at least to me)

author comment

I thought it a misspell but upon checking see it is correct as would have been business. Good ol' English lol Should have known that you would be correct.................scribbler

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