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Things You Can't Do In The Rain (or The Rainiest Summer Ever)

You can’t build a
Sand castle
In the rain

You can’t get
Your vitamin D
Unless it’s a Wilma or a Fred
Or a Bam Bam
(Or a tuna sandwich)

You probably shouldn’t
Swing a golf club
Or fix the satellite antenna
On your roof

Rain is for foosball
Or billiards
Or Madden

Made-for-tv movies
(And yes,
Sometimes rugby)

You can’t wear face paint
In the rain

Or get your hair done
(Without something silly,
Like a newspaper,
To cover your head,

As you run from the salon
To your car,
Your car to your front door,
And so on,
A challenging charade,
Especially in heels)

Sometimes you can see
A rainbow
But that usually
Comes afterwards

A lot of things come after rain

Cats wake up from their naps
Worms crawl back underground
The farmers’ market
Starts to bustle again

The sun takes its
Rightful throne

Its 384.6 yottawatts of energy
Blocked out
By a couple of rain clouds

For an hour
Or a day
Or— this summer —
Weeks and weeks
On end

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Last few words: 
a poem I wrote after a month of near non-stop raining here in Maryland. might beat the summer heat, but it sure is wet!
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after reading your poem about how activities get affected by rain and last few words it would be good to have your poem on how you handled it over the month long spell of rains...

raj (sublime_ocean)

thanks, raj. a good poem idea. spent it mostly worrying that old Ellicott City would flood the third time in two years!

author comment

I don't envy you for such a lengthy rainy days. I can't imagine myself there.
I lime the opening lines especially.
Hope all is settled now.
Thank you for sharing


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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thanks, rula

author comment

Very on point you got here very nicely portrayed you have in its piece
Thank you for the unique privledge in conveying your work
Loved the word phrases in this dialogue you introduced
Further, you have a keen eye of light & love in your work.

Mario Vitale

was it for the summer contest
or rain festival

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