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IN A TAUT BLACK DRESS ..... sexual content

in a taut black dress
you brush by me

you are
dark summer fruit simmering hot
a sopping estuary
i gather you into me
you cascade like an undulating cat
giggles like trembling gelatin

cherry kiss lips
agile muscle shifting
pleating like soft furs
against my thunderous chest
your tremulous tongue rupturing
like spiced chrysanthemums from heaven

i inhale your lavender breath
your saliva melts stormy mouth up-leaping

i eat your soul
and paradise clitoris
licking honey rainbows
filling my mouth a thousand times
and a thousand more

its never enough when some one has your heart

suffocate me in your drooling mouth
your body is my aviary
and hot house of man eating plants

i run to your teeth
beautiful cleavers gleaming
shivering with excitement
from your dragging bites
my blood languishing at your feet

have no regard for me
eat my love
i live to be swallowed by you

i hold you through the night
all dire raptures
dark in mystic paradise
tangled in your hair

may mourning never find us
torrid scorched from flames infernal
black candles uncrossing pasts
devils cock your adoring toy
kisses never ceasing
hot weather nostrils steaming
your flexed body writhes
a royal contortion
your heart cleaving
so that i may like a sun
consume your darkest edges
bitter chocolate so sweet
to fill griefs mouth with ecstasy
my heart aches like a siren of echoes
calling to you
shaking your gates down

you are a titanic gravity
and i'm forever tumbling
like eternal burning ashes through cobalt night
it is a steep decent into heavens arms
as i crumble
all smashing diamonds
and hissing flames
into open wounds weeping glitter

your chin jutting
throat stretched
while pulling the roots of your hair
exposing arteries pulsing
stuffing myself on your marrow
you plume like a volcanic moon
showering me with spooling stars
and butter fuck kisses

ill turn you into my glistening little whore
all swollen tears for more
rituals of adoration
kisses like monsoon rains
i look up at your supple form
your haunches my temple
worshiping you
smothered in heavens jaws
you cascading pantie-less
in a taut black dress

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Is the internal logic consistent?
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Dear Zebra,
this time i finished reading your poem despite or maybe because of the sexual content
I think it is written in a refined taste
your passionate lines have created a real art and are real like life itself
your poem is exciting, raw and yet kind and loving


Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the writing and also the content. I could see you reading the above and its pleasing to imagine. I always feel that the erotic has the potential to sweeten the earth
While perceived as profane by the patriarchs because of shame and ignorance unable to distinguish between animal sex and the truly erotic, they disdain the scarlet woman whom I always hold in the highest esteem. Her form the form of beauty her affections and heat a healing balm.

Z :)

author comment

Hey Z,
We have two new people here, April Dawn and
Jess. Could you please drop a few lines commenting them?


with pleasure :)

author comment

so brash and frantic as some of your others. While still of sensual nature, it leaves one feeling that the sex is more of a adoration. There is one word that you use frequently, that disturbs me; and that is [haunches] If it is designed to conjure the image of an animal, then it surely does the job! Maybe try another word? ~ Geezer.

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sex is more of a adoration

I wouldn't say more. They are totally entwined. I love women mentally sexually and emotionally, especially when they know who they are and feel free to be themselves They are like a religion my poems are devotional hymns to the goddess and her human vessels

author comment

a buttock and thigh considered together, in a human or animal.
buttocks · thighs · hips · hindquarters · bottom · rump · rear · rear end · [more]

With all do respect Geezer I cant be held hostage by your bias. It is a perfectly appropriate word
But I do hate disappointing you ;)

author comment

really. You are right, it is an appropriate word. I never would expect that anyone ever be held to a suggestion or comment I made. I enjoyed the poem and just made a suggestion that appealed to me. It was not THAT disappointing. ~ Geezer.

Comments and critique are a vital part of our community!
Critique or comment today!

Thank you Geezer I could really use a snack of some haunches right about now :)

author comment

Thank you kindly my dear April for those sweet words

Yeah the patriarchs, the architects of self hatred then transposed to Eve whom they conveniently made the archetypal sinner even to the extent of replacing the goddess with the neutered holy ghost

Let me apologies for my entire fucked up male species as if I could ,who turned the sacred i.e. the true sexual will into the profane and the profane i.e. shame and hypocrisy into the sacred
We all deserve better

:) xo

author comment

the witches
they don't take no shit

feminists with a wand
made from a femur
wrapped in pubic hair,
fingernails, and spit

not good little passive girls
although amused by a good spanking
for laughs that titillate
from a red wicked dicked old man
with slippery fireballs
like a spicy cherry pepper
that slurps filths coves
through a black tongue
and open-mawed bite

Femdom's queens
oiled torsos and bond fires
drenched ornaments for laughing snakes
that spread like spider webs
while the whips flash licks
hells tender blood kiss

insatiable prayers
masturbation rituals
mixed like bones in broth
with intricate sigils and saliva red
menstruum her holy sacrament
that shapeshift crones into young girls prancing
and bind water to stones

her spell can crack your skull
like a mules kick
and melt your eyes
like nuclear skies

the witches
they don't take no shit


author comment
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