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The Tarp's Ministry

A memoria, palms risen, black candle headdress
a clown shuffling tarot, lamps bursting
Long noses, carnival ministry grounds
of a dream's tarp skin marred
by an opal double with flowers from
his tomb. by this sense I can trace her absence
How does her ellipsed scent remain?
I meant to ask to do you smoke
from a doll catheter or from vape?
Who was that who did?

Editing stage: 


I don't think I even saved it.

The poem is tough on a drunken tongue, which indicates scansion flaws, you might want to read it aloud to yourself.

This has the very unusual quality, for me, of causing shock.
"I meant to ask to do you smoke
from a doll catheter or from vape?"

What the fucking fuck? you're freaking me out, man.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

only put it up for awhile, man.

A doll catheter might shock some. Not me.

Thanks :)))

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