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the street light

capricious lantern brush
her first blush enchantress
a phosphorous merchant
cushions spells to curb him
withdrawn from nativity
like the cobras lazy form
who in turn caresses him placental
gives him the mammary placements
grape chests for patients paralysis tugging

shrunk flaps to the nimble covalent
abseiled etude of ave songs libretto
early muted monuments of longevity
detest expiration of braced hive
watermarks decorum when
drunk dizzy portions of gene
cell mutations to matador hulks
ligature for such swoop kill
steel warriors hearts pride and will
the very bridge that the stars kiss
they vow their heart to lion souls
eager of the blood to fight for

alabaster on their nostrils
wees go where weeds grow
cobbled and the cobblers strain
to spine and spike pine
piles are elm one particle
lowered to the basest use
for a trees sprawl feet furlongs
a massage to wind caverns

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I can only read your poems, they are wonderful in their word magic. I can not interpret them.
tonight I am too drunk to read, I will try again tomorrow. Remind me by PM if I forget.

I have great respect for your word craft. Perhaps you would be so kind as to help me understand their content better.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

have not thought..but i had issues with writers until i read their books from their landscapes listening to shortwave tuned to stations near their origins..the language and words that flowed and dove....trickled and trundled raced and rent amongst the estuaries and widths..the rapids and pools....i will have a listen to nigerian accents soon....this may throw some tempo to the poems..which in english have their meaning but context is drifty.....thank you

emeka, reading this, i feel as weirdelf did .. and i'm not even drunk!
i've read this through a few times, and seem to only "get" snippets here and there.
i feel the problem lies with me though. this doesn't read as random rambling with no
thought or direction .. indeed, it seems an extremely well thought out poem, with
some truly enviable words and phrases throughout .. i love your use of language
in this .. it's so rich.
perhaps you'd explain it to me? i'd love to have an understanding of it. it deserves it.


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