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sold as a sexton crusader
chute at every altars boyhood
our commandants indulge us
a service gun, Himalayan ghats
flay pecker banquet whistling
from the roof vultures drone Parsee's

camaraderie limp fire consternation lack
limb our one true trade union
like cotton of sunset steep
steed protagonist we supper at our-selves
ebb verve sporadic aimed at random

consider my volition of bush hunter
the predators filthy meat constriction
applies to our whole ration cronies
wreckage of hearts savage race repression
orphans identify progression
from the flag-ship stockade
littered necromancy white lilies
enter port moguls- how dare we starve,
when put to use the impale forks for Territory?
Bayonets reap the silk distil verdure
safety helmets with its in-built commodity
producers hoped you were never this cause
the foraging agencies of guts growl
where can decree the amount of holiness.
Pyromaniac, blame the blade for crowns forge
imparted of pentecostal showmanship
veracity cleansing chagrin collision consumers

(equator etiolated)
....................... my anchor in contusion
two stallions protecting a shield
eagle sullied stamp solid
away to mines severe terseness
my homelands of the drudge but common nobles
like that seed in my wife's womb
soldiers to psyche abuse the influence aphasia
such dictum of home-coming
aggrandize only medal of honour, no S.O.S

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
Is the internal logic consistent?
Last few words: 
a soldier of fortune.
Editing stage: 


if you have something that no one else has..they will do what they can to take that away..
if your starving in your villa....they will help you pay them for the gift of the shovel to
dig up your ancestors to remove the precious ores and oils....the essential forest
wasting in its while...the ideal that the strong will survive is correct.....forging their
way through systems...weakened by its turn of poverties anyway....greed and envy
and jealousie sloth etc fire up the ovens of the mouth of smelters..

and talents will be consumed like raw ingredients the hungry masses throwing
coin for performance

someone always making pots and helmets and while they are at it
crafting precious trades for nickel workers...and giving you cast iron
or tin

i enjoy these careful thought out a puzzle that
i never stop trying to see the patterns
and can...

thank you!

and yes..
one would wait for the surrender
but even before and after
the conditons the heart of the
people will go on
God will watch over all..
the meek will be..

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