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Shadows of Ants

At morning’s angle of the sun,
Ants cast their long-lined shadows fro
To look like giants on the march,
Except they breed and live below,

Not on the earth, but deep within.
From high above I watched. They moved
In endless file, some ten abreast—
And of their sight I disapproved.

Although each pissant lifts one score-
And-five his own so paltry weight
In spoils ferociously obtained,
To me it’s diddly-squat at any rate.

They weren’t afraid of my great height.
“Am I so mountain-like to you,
Too huge to fully comprehend
From your restricted ant’s-eye view?”

But here I stood and blocked the sun;
Without impressive shadow play.
Ants were a minor nuisance—one
That I then killed with dust and spray.

It’s done! With only one quick puff,
Of Antz-ka-put, I swiftly smote
A hundred . . . oh, I lost true count;
I killed a lot— which they did note.

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Structured: Western
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Not Explicit Content


I was reading and nodding along, loving the imagery and the telling and them Boom, out of nowhere you're killing them!!! D: D: D: I mean, I don't love ants, but you personified them well and made me see them as a friend... xD

I also really like your rhymes! Overall, well done and a good story!

"The true alchemists do not turn lead into gold; they turn the world into words." -William H. Gass

thank you so very much for the nice comment. It's true; as I observed a small army of ants marching along the sidewalk, by the light of the rising sun, each ant's shadow appeared to be 10 inches long. My own shadow was --oh, say 20 feet long. Yes, I wil change my own name to Gulliver, lol. Jerry van Gulliver. Thank you for commenting, dear.

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I’m glad you got ‘em!

A fun piece...

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I’m glad you got ‘em!

A fun piece...

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thanks for liking this piece. Ants; I hate them because they get into my house--like all of Arizona ain't big enough for them--and then, they have me spend my beer money on pest control. Thanks again, Sir.

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