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sex lust and love no sin

sex lust and love no sin

there is no sin
but the sin of condemning others,
out of love,
lust and sexual
innate desires
comes out a newer creation …

if sex were to be sin
or for that matter lust
only masturbate then all humans must
just leave all sins closeted ….

but by the way
who in hell,
if not on earth is to decide

what is sin?

what is a free ride
both enjoy at the hour of secrecy,
they try to maintain
yet you call it sin

Oh! O what a shame

all is fair in love and war
though the outcome of war is naught
but of the so called sin,
its pleasure
it’s exotic
it’s creative
and most of all
it is]DNA generative…

tell me how you would procreate
even at your old age
when sex is all you pronounce
to win a name
even you are in game
you too give sex an exponential raise
for that alone the whole wild world
does, you praise
as you live lust and love
above your ageing age

sex alone sells you did so say..

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


As most things in life these things have been debased and have been exploited to the maximum by religion and the media, Making them a thing of the dirt.
One of the things as with sex we do for pleasure in this world and it has been debased into a filth instead of being something that us Humons can hold as a beauty of being together.
Lust though may have to be controlled lol, and the laws have to be enforced to protect the children etc. but it maybe too late to tidy up the way things are in this world. Also it has been used as a weapon sometimes, Oh! I am glad that my age is now, I can journey on hoping that things may get better, Yours Ian.T
PS:- typo:-it is]DNA generative Take care..

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Thanks all the same


author comment

"you too give sex and exponential rise"

love this line the flow and following beneath it

we are animals with a drive
Long ago we were raised with the bible
Im not pushing it here thats what we
had for instructions

Lucky for us we were not taught that sex was
bad....that we were not evil if we were aroused
when we hit puberty etc
we got sex ed in gym class
and anyway television was full of it then
(seventies and eighties)

My partners in life have enjoyed passion
we procreated and created life
a much loved child still
(We just fell apart the ex and I. although today
great chums on the phone and on line)

the idea of sin was to keep us focused I think
rather then just be animals
we are followers per say so the most strongest
of desires and sins would be pretty out there
with a great following and there would be
those with even stronger desires

Sin is a description
a behaviour control modification of social structure

north america has a freedom of expression
along with its laws for others
for consenting adults

but Your poem is about the passion
the pleasure

physically for some the endorphin rush is
pretty exquisite
for others its not the great ultimate
everyone is built designed and feels different

I find sex fascinating
the women Ive spent time with
were all very tactile and intelligent
creative and very very passionate women
many times it was not for procreation
but for the pleasure the intimacy

the sensations
giving and recieving
the touch

the thoughts

Well written Loved as I said
I greatly appreciate this poem

thank You!

"you too give sex and exponential rise"

it's your wider perception
that gives life to my sexational poem
all is love
sex is just a follow up


author comment
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