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The Sea

The sea
It is another world
From lying on a sandy beach
To far horizons out of reach
Then fades and falls
Like many men
That leave and then return again

From surface
Neither smooth nor still
Betraying depths imaginable
From coast to curving coastal line
Encasing space and light and time

She gives me hope
And sadness too
With powers old
Yet strong and new
Restores in me
My former self
Her twinkling diamonds
And heaving stealth

Editing stage: 


This was a nice poem about the sea. How nature gives happiness and fulfillment.


the lines look rather unwieldy and the rhythm should be strained; but I fell into a regular pattern and it read smoothly. Yes, there are men that follow the sea and they will not be seduced to stay at home, by great beauty or riches, the sea is the only love for them. I can understand it, but I'm a "Landlubber " at heart. I loved the rhyme and near rhyme that didn't make the rhythm stumble. Really nice. ~ Geezer.

Honest critique and comments shouldn't hurt.
It's why we are here, to get better at our craft.

This is eloquent. I love the ocean myself, left it many years ago and miss it every day. Reading this, I could envision my favourite spot on my favourite beach, that little crevice of the world where I could watch the ocean and its endless skylines. A brilliant piece of poetry which brings a personal image to mind. Well done.


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