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S t a r k n e o u r o s i s . . .

coma penchant

threaded fears invaded

the oil crisp slide

a dream touch away

lanolin burn creme


soft as that Autumn blush

cropped and tender brush

while a moist wind of river

groped the poplar rush

high arcade crystal

cd spinner

come in from the hate

of that dark breath

full of night

you smell of


and the wounds of


overflow their grave

like a sure Lost Love

the nails across my

throat and heart

a serpent skeleton



Editing stage: 


I followed it
shall re-attempt again


for that double take....
take one...
take two...

I see faces in the crowd
in passing on the street
the so many mundane
and ordinary

and then
I stop
re-attempt again
another look

at something that I
could have missed
A Wonder

"if poetry were all red dots
I would be the one
to examine the green"

Esker 2013..

Thank You!

author comment

"if poetry were all..... red dots
I would be the one
to examine the"

NICE work friend
I really enjoy your works
even if my mind needs to be


but is it not true that are raised to fall into concept facts of
this and that
Poetry for me and re occurence of theme
is like recognizable signal
Man needing this that we search faces
and then the sky for images and radio waves
to see if there are more that repeat pattern
or send out order from the void
We seek out the unknowns too sometimes

I like that you grasp greatly this concept humour
I put past here on comments

One of my favourite authors of long ago was Margaret
Atwood and one of the canadian covers of her works
was circles with one out I think...(could be wrong)
its an old image used
which is basically binary now
or like the complex bar scan or image codes now
that work for cell phones...
Point and shoot grey scale pixel "fingerprints"
that apps can read and run an ad basically


patterns are nice
but pondering poetry is for me a joy

I shall now look for Blues

thank You

author comment

you are much the same as I, insomuch as you look for the differences in the patterns of humanity. i love trying to figure out the simple things in life. Like t.v. commercials and how they appeal to certain types of people or why some people don't seem to care if they hurt others as long as their needs are met.
Sometimes the answers scare me. I did like one line in particular:

"Threaded fears invaded the oil crisp slide" Those are two words that I would never expect to see or hear in the same sentence.[ oil and crisp ] I did see though, that in the context that you used them, they seem perfectly natural. Huh! Great work as usual, ~ Gee

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