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Roll Roll Roll this flow gently down a beat Merrily merrily merrily merrily Life ain't what it seems

Had a dream last night not as great as Martin Luther's The Love of my life was correcting Karma Sutra

While I was making this rhymes I was on the inside of my love stroking at a double time

Shes's the best I'm like stereo record I'll confess I'm the best at what I do I've been blessed

To write poetry Blessed to write this story Blessed to display lyrics

Everybody better notice me Moore better Cruz Yeah you know who I'm better then

Mutha fucka it's time for your medicine Smigel looking mutha fucka you can have your precious

My style hostile I'm dating the ebony beauty of the week Compared to what

Thats right bitch ass ness Don't speak I know just what your saying you aint saying nothing

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And it's the lamest.
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