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Each day I see
another part of me
fall away
and I wonder
what I will become

but then there are
those sudden occurrences.
I’m thrown off my feet
no warning.
no mercy
and nothing is ever
the same again.

They tell me
it’s all in the “journey”.
not a thing
I can do.
no place to hide.
no one to pray to
I’m just a puppet
on a string

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We both have been on this Earth for a long time, we have been lucky that our time here has been full, and now why do you fear that the puppet master will let us down.
There can only be a lifting up where you will become what you are, and you know as well as I do, that to fear to start another journey where you are a child of your God or whatever awaits us, is nothing to fear.
I have told the children that I will help them in their tasks and to me that is good enough.
What can I say but thank you for this write, of your worry, I think it is time to listen to the children on the tape, it is just them talking to me there is no sinister plot or anything it was for you to just hear their voices.
You go well and we will talk later, Yours Ian.T

PS:- I am a right sissy, as I probably cry each day for the things I see that are going on in this world today, and where the children are being hurt or people are being killed just because....

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Thanks, Ian. Still carrying that rigid Italian- R.C, upbringing :)

author comment

One thing I will say and that is that most people that join the Spiritualist group are from the Roman Catholic faith, my wife was originally brought up in your part of the faith, me I was non committal which is C of E lol
The tape should not be an influence on what you think or feel it was just a sharing thing.
You take care young Joe and know we think of you,
Yours, Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

It's not the tapes, It;'s the medieval indoctrination. My great uncle and aunt had abeautiful framed print overtheir bed of souls burning in purgatory.And I still wear a scapular just in case :) We ITALS believe that when you die the devil has 3 days to claim your soul The WAKE is the ritual of taking turns stayimg awake for 3 days to pray at the coffin for the soul, of the deceased.his was heavy shit for a five-yeatr old..They probably still do that in Transylvania


author comment

All religions in the old days were scare mongers to a very high degree it was a way of keeping the peasants in line, hell and damnation to all that wander from the pathway. OMG I wonder what heaven thinks of this???
I asked Sadie what happens to bad people , she said that their spirit was a bit heavier than others so they sank a bit until they could find a way of redeeming themselves, also that we are here to learn things that a Spirit cannot. We have a physical form here and can experience pain as you know and all the things that this state can have.
We learn from all these things and if we learn the tasks given to us in a good way then our Spirit in the next world of existence can then move to a higher level.
The end product of this is Perfection and that you cannot even let your eyes see, it is too much, and I bet you have come across this thing before. We have one very High spirit friend that visits sometimes, that is called Xora he/she appears as a cloaked entity and once was asked to show his/her form, he/she was just a beautiful sphere of blue energy.
What can one say I am here for my own experience, and as I have said when I return I shall be there to help the children.
Anyway you can protect your ways as you will, and have been told it will not be a negative, that you protect yourself from Evil is all that you can do..
Go well young Joe and never change, as things will not change.
Yours as always, Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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