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Where are you going and why are you going there
What is it that’s happening, and why do you care

Why do you go, what is the purpose of your quest
Too also, with the mysteries of love and compassion be blessed

Or to bear witness to a life put to death, yet who also forgave
While you were not there, you ran away; your life to save

By persecution and fear, your faith you had spurned
Yet, in the caverns of your mind, it still burned

Your servitude, put in question by your cowardice
Is rewarded only, when you realize you are powerless

Returning there now that you’ve been confronted
To spread the word, while being pursued and hunted

Now, why do you go and of what do you speak
To your death Peter, for those words we all seek
BOEMS by JA 590

Editing stage: 


This is a powerful poem that speaks to all.
How often have we denied our beliefs for safety or even fear of social judgment.
An important poem that we all need to hear deeply,
Also very well written and constructed.
thank you,
Ja Ja

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

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