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slips in between the sterile beauty
the beast machine
nudges my chest
nipples still chilled
from the bold cold
that crept up inside
the last warmth

the light shines on fragments
of my shoulder
held together
by bad dreams
and lurid words

doll head dreams
on faded screens
"lipstick and tweezers"
she says sitting
straight up
eyes open
parted mouth

folds into the dream
and the snow falling
past the lights
seeps into the softness
of the darkness
spotted and feral
on pale downed arms
on hair ravaged
and drowned in the
depths of a history

lipstick rouge
lips on blue lined
cheap paper

cheap heady perfume
crawls alone along the
hall fuzzy as a rusted

warming up the amplifier
g e f a

plastic pick
flicking pick up
on a cheater slide

and maidens

house of hearts
you chose
each part



Editing stage: 


such an erotica untouched
for 2 weeks 2 days
come on guys and gals
eroticise a poet all your way

how else will he love f
or you
yall as Stan says it,
a lover like Esker
out of this world
his eroticism for you display
ere foreplay

so read older poems
at least one each day
and make free hay
as I have today


step up
step down
like cycle wavelengths
fermis paper nudged by megaton winds

synapse and


festival of jesters

i am alive a gift
not a given
from a god

of my understanding

and these words
tapped out in all
hours of light
and busy house
quiet while a centrifuge
of laundry growls in
the bowels of our
complex apt

while a moon
sings her song of light
to the slow moving flight
of clouds

camomille tea
to soothe the constant
that trembles my knees
and i sleep
let out on patrol
in my vivid dreams
the freedom beyond
the wire

into the great unknowns

author comment
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