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Purity three


These dead are painless, and abide in pure spirit.
They twist, broken, on the torturer's wheel,
prostrate for dawn in slivers of light.
Their faces leak out as poison moons
and necrotic jackals howl at the slither
of royal snail jester crowns,
jeweled lesions bare in the grin
of stray and sick puppets
bound to highway memorials
with tourniquets made from straw.

I've seen the dead spin in blood orchards,
in the hermetic seal of flu moons,
and the aggregate domes of lunar jazz,

nailed on boat oars, dusted, in suspens rae.
Bountiful, bruised, afloat in a starry geometry
with the soggy wounds of nile claws,
brows plucked by storefront dummies
the painted cheeks glow
in the witch widow's heart hush
of dark's dormance, the stuffed eyes
of old toys in closed cancer wards
glazed with dust
sealed screamlessly,
frozen by time in coiled twilight.
The gaze is fractured, gentle and loose,
flipping in bloody nostril shock.
Squeezed tears are the solvent
for the court hound's hungry bells
for the roaming stillborn's screams,
the bled tongues
of the ministry of glossaliac syphilitics

And the solvent a rabid worm,
tears squeezed into an MS bottle,
our balm for sudden clowns
for a trickster gods' embrace,
and the rain parade dogs
of carnival dirges.

Editing stage: 


A lush surreal extravaganza of voluptuous catastrophe's
A fire with out a fire escape
Necrophilia's paradise
Bubble gum for razor split eyeballs
I'm congealing in satanic ecstasy
If it where food it would be blood skin pizza freshly burnt right out of the oven ready for the whole family to eat

Having said that I read your poem twice The first time to myself; the second time out loud
Now maybe I'm a shitty reader but while your flowers of evil imagery are poignant I'm having trouble holding things together, or is it you?Perhaps I smoked to much pot and by the time I finished the piece I couldn't remember how it started or to what end you where after

……. and having said that I remain entranced in your terrain of rabid chaos, a rabies of the soul

Yours Z

As a Catholic, it bothers me to see. An ever increasing judgmental spirit among parishoners. We have become lax toward the sacraments & scriptures. Instead, we have imposed a new breed of highly sophisticated intellectuals who know it all. Yet who are they fooling? By reading the scriptures, not God? For God is not some man that he should lie. Nor the son of man that he should change his mind.

Further, we have endorsed abortion on demand. Do we think it nothing to kill the unborn in their mother’s womb all for the sake of convenience? No one questions anymore & no one has a voice until now. Am I that voice crying out in the wilderness? As long as God hears that’s quite all right with me.

What happened to ethical morality? We have embraced a culture of death. Relied on war zones we call schools. We elect politicians that embrace death in their mothers womb. Sadly, this is the current state that we are facing as a nation. It’s time to stand up and be heard before it’s too late!

Mario Vitale

I appreciate the theological lesson, but this actually has no place here. "Culture of death", yes, absolutely though.

author comment


Mario Vitale

The question of religion and morality remain inciteful so I hope you don't mind if I add my 2 little cents

The unbearable paradox for some of us is that 2000 years of Christianity hasn't changed a thing.

Not a leaf falls from a tree without it being GOD's will,

not with standing the bible should be called the book of paradoxes and fairy tales.
Death and strife abound Does God pass the buck like Trump and blame it on Eve. Everything that we call a crime is legion in this world, Look around my friend it is hard wired into the world soul
Is that not the nature of creation, you know animals eating animals, a thousand forms of insufficiently war starvation disease. Some argue free will. Is that a fairytale? Freewill requires being transcendental, not having bias, foreknowledge, and perfect internal integration none of which we have

Nausea News
Former South Carolina GOP leader
kills dog to please God
by Rob Beschizza

Thank you for considering my opinion

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