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the princes of infatuation

in the kingdom of the fallen, broken princes chariots,
undead, but the feet cogitate threadbare stumps ,
the soul that the body thinks ignoble, is disappearance
and if there's thought of life's mission, omission supersedes
no more court jesters, no more armoury, the praise,
since it lodged him in a quarterly of the full moon
in quantity he is a sandcastle held by childrenbeach
though there are none of them that still steel.

where is the stone upon the marvel, which marvel!
it's like for a bat of minds own beat dark,
from the fogs- those big dreams like frog
croaking on a hilly, water thorough , sternum heels
back benders be assured , of fardel for fidelity
life never married you, you are just a part of her galoshes
she globes, recent nuclear, babies are dropped
like bombs; they shatter the knowledge of life's existence,
in that, no matter what, they have white crowns, the elders
of the white serpent - a sacrilegious of appeasements to Pluto

no land can be seen on his forehead channels
even the foresters gain he hunted among castles-
what secrets lie, his ear was told, but his mouth
bacterias from his nose, the ants have eaten hearty
on earth they were once dressed in apparels creditworthy
which is why we see day and night swoon
all that is given to the poor, is also very many,
the riches worth. they would love admonition
nucleus of more crowns he would've, could've
assigned that the greatest rubies- a horse shoe magnet,
attract poles

so walk slowly, do not stumble
do not grumble your lot is worse
men that are born to crawl handicapped
does this justify creation , yes and no
Queens too are merely but female ornaments
they give it to her, her life; take it,
this is how , and one , and two
and three of them, both go ; part ways
and thinking of the read sea- i bleed
no more blood but the white serpent.

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I see you've been absent a while. I hope you will find the time to return because I enjoy your writing.

This poem is incredibly prolific. I really had to take my time to appreciate the story and to try to absorb all the thought that must have went into its creation. I would love to know the inspiration behind it. I would also love to know what your hopes for revision are so that I could offer a few suggestions.

Take care,

Critique, don't comment.
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