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Primal (primal poetry)

I hear a rhythmic beat
and my heart goes primal.

Complexities upon complexities,
like numbers gone mad,

drifts away from my mind
and my world knows peace.

The heart of the universe,
I hear its beating, I feel

a rhythm engulfing me
a first spark of creation.

I see the snapshot left
of the transition universe.

Last few words: 
snapshot: refers to the cosmic microwave background radiation.
Editing stage: 


I see you've grasped the concept readily. If any crit even more surrender and just watch the eyelid movies without interfering.

Then on to stage 2.

Neopoet Directors

that there is still some mentation happening here. The more often you do the drumming meditation the easier it becomes to 'let go' of thinking and ideas and just describe what you see on your 'eyelid movies', ok?

Neopoet Directors

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