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Do you poets never rest
Do you not thirst or hunger
How despair and misery sustains you
That is what, I wonder

Do you not crave for sustenance
Are your eyes not in need of sleep
Does your body not ache for nourishment
Or is your obsession, way too deep

Far be it for me to question
How those desperate feelings you maintain
Desires, should be wrapped in life, not death
And kept alive with joy, not pain
BOEMS by JA 422

Editing stage: 


We must cultivate the Aesthetic of the Tormented Artist! It's cool!

Just kidding!

Although, I do think it is the unique responsibility of the artist, poet, or writer to help the world see the beauty of dark things, negative feels, and things of that nature, including death. They are all a part of life, so what better way to learn to cope and accept than through art?

One suggestion:

The line "Far be it for me to question" sounds a bit off to me. I think it means that it is not your place to question, but the "far be it" makes me stumble. If you consider revisions sometime in the future ( I see you have selected "not actively editing"), I would suggest choosing words/word order that is more plain, or at least not an inversion (we would normally say "it is far for me...") for clarity and smoother flow.

I Appreciate this thought provoking poem!


Critique, don't comment.
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