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Oh, my.
Some 130 million miles away
you decide to plant yourself
on the shores of another world -
red with rust.

You baffle us beyond words,
carry us into the future of our younger minds -
those who have plans to live through dark winters,
pandemics and politics.

"Great" cannot describe you.
Perhaps "amazing" - no, too trite.
There is no word, no understanding of you,
Dear Perseverance.

And now, as we listen to the tone
of your beating heart,
we vow to become more determined,
find more resolve,
endure Mankind's tenacity.
For in its quest for survival,
the Earth must know:
Is there life on Mars?


Style / type: 
Free verse
Last few words: 
Watched Perseverance land earlier - our universe is beyond words.
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Your husband was a part of this?! Wow! Yes, science is amazing - I truly can find no words. The intelligence and determination of our younger generation will see these times through, along with an earnest understanding of solving our trials and challenges on dear Mother Earth. I see more reasons all the time to have faith, this type of knowledge comes from passion.
Thank you!

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Truth well painted. Beautiful stuff.

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

It is all so spectacular to me...
Thank you for reading and commenting!

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Thank you!

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The amount of space junk out there is really disturbing, most of it being satellites. There is also the issue of international ownership of each piece of pollution. From what I understand, there are ongoing studies involving the means to pick up or remotely bring back debris. Not a quick fix, but certainly a recognized solution. What astounded me while watching yesterday was the vast intelligence and passion this diverse and young (much younger than me) team of men and women shared. Space exploration studies such things as purifying air and recycling water. This was not only a NASA endeavor, but involved engineers and scientists around the globe using their unimaginable skills and knowledge to go to Mars - incredible to me. These are the types of minds in our youth that are continually discovering technical ways to save our dear planet - along with important efforts from everyday people to honor the five steps of being a good environmentalist: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. I may be naive (not the first time), but it gave me hope to watch what positive possibilities the future of our universe may hold.
Thank you for reading and sharing!

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Thank you, Mark!

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I'm not "Your favorite Martian," rather a denizen from the chocolate pudding Remorea, nearly 50,000 light-years away from the Red Planet--which I intend to populate with women from Venus and men from Mars . . . . Seriously, I read your very nice poem with great interest and found my own imagination thoroughly stimulated. Nice work, and thank you. Jerry

So glad you read and commented - it is a topic that, for me, definitely stimulates the imagination. Good luck with that Venus / Mars population!
Thank you, Jerry!

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as we all have to
each one of life
has a different view
some are also lonely like you
their guys are mingling with many
but not meant for who
they should

So persevere till the end of time
without any reason or rhyme
when it comes
it will only mime

Thank you for reading and commenting!

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the opinion, that we must persevere and pursue the option of getting off this planet before we destroy it altogether!
Nah, just kidding. I do believe that we must use our amazing brains to to solve many of the problems that we have here, but not to the exclusion of thrusting our way into the reaches of the universe. We, as a whole; "Mankind" must develop and use the technology that comes from reaching out, to gain our unity as "Earthlings". Stopping the division that keeps us from being the scourge of our galaxy, when we get out there! I applaud your thinking Lavender. Nice work! ~ Geez.

It seems that the days and hours that people
are available for chatroom are staggered and
not a good match for most everyone. How about
if everyone just shows up at the door, whenever
they have a few free minutes?

I fully believe that technology, extraordinary intelligence and good, concerned, respectful people will find solutions to the messes we've created. The older I get, the more impressed I become with science and technology, and the younger generation's understanding of it all. What touches me the most, though, is their passion and what appears to be their genuine love for our dear planet. So much goes hand in hand. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, Geezer!

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