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No pride any more
In the old things
In the decent things
In tradition

No love for England
The old England
Of gentle country ways
When the plebs knew their place

Only rap music
Pounding like voodoo
Bringing the country
To multicultural perdition.

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Rap is an Art form just as classical music is, any (true musician) respects all type music from Rap to Country music and Reggae. Sorry, for me this is not a poem it's a statement.
maybe you have annoying neighbours?, i myself am from london, the rough part. I grew up in a multi-cultural environment and thats what makes me rich, in who i am, and i wouldnt want that to ever change. I don't know any young person who doesn't like Rap its an Art, I live in a different country and i play my music, some days country, some days Bach
what does that mean? that i don't belong? i do hope not.

Thank you...Teddy

I cannot accept that pop music of any sort is "art" in any meaningful sense of that word. Nor do I think that rapsters/rappers would call what they perform as "art". Is "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" art? I think not!

author comment

I'm sure Bananarama would disagree with you dear, pop is an Art however
I'm a celebrity get me out of here is a reality T.V show and has nothing to do with what you have written. I would go as far to say this work is bordering on racism and hate but that's just me.
You are sounding a bit like a guy who was recently sent away from Neo.

Thank you...Teddy

I can assure you that neither racism nor hatred of any sort was implied. I am sorry we have squabbled and suggest we just agree to differ on what is art and what is not art - we will never agree, its seems. I can see that maybe I shouldn't have singled out rap for criticism, maybe I should have said pop instead.

author comment

I appreciate that, thank you.

Thank you...Teddy

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