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omi o loota o[water has no enemy]

ko ko konga- for drums rumbling on
perhaps not the flower frowns at rampage
settled in controversy among its height advantage
em-bulging in the circus of a ring rose
fourth to the finger that weds a man
duple and doomsday riotous for trepidation.
valley for yon settlement riverine, worms
maggots and kindling fuel blazing emissions
contestants for wriggle and variety valour ,
open in the gaze, ponder in the laze
by itself originality was fair share
that was not floating dead and drowned
anaerobic in the gills of a swimming pool!
what lush! evangelism, schism, prism
or prison magnum cum laud, graffiti gratuity
launch gravity copper loose hair hare, here
abrasions wounds a Pard pardonable hear spring minor
to millions more mirror, crunch facial ripple
foyer in penthouse, chap chaplet chaplain
same beauty same stain number milieu
mill are injury jury clime salts
balloon concrete gnats, let tissues be involved.

for the day of bonfire
the foundries venture to a trial
of the stress in storms kismet
do not piout more the quell tiger
in a bismal or dismal dialysis
tell sap from which others also partake
patella pad dust Leo in spotlight
pray prey crumbs for sand quantity
battalion junta remembering rudder
the uneaten jackal, Ernst rebellious babies
at donor,at motor,at mutton.
prototype fair gaze upon lea grass
impartial death the red rose,
plucked by the travelers scorn
in a little moon pond traverse
road side harvested premature flowers
payday swallowed false prophecies and heroes
they can keep impartial death in the belly of the world,
a toy acorn therapy soil except apathy.

you were me, and i was you
nothing more than wraith
we all fear for the thunder
crackling a new-born
his lust still the ultimate satisfaction
not a means of this were con by guilt
to evoke now the gusts in the hair ghosts
to the bird shores for her feathers bird
ears of sheaves pamper cranny wind-mill
lard luxury, wind mill with might
cane local breeds but not past dusk

tangerine and kingfisher love, a slay
till the milkiness breast squeezed almoner
heroes especially if he gave his life croupier
in place as the kingfisher of the little pond
weeps for heroes, payday and premature harvests
garret roof swelled the sacrament of awaited rain
its drumsticks can go else where darn
gonads go mad, incarceration in
bades since the sun never reaches its peak
lad the death of a child being born
inside the two booties kolanut
gems or a compromised shoe-box ewer hogshead
rushing winds killed the budding creel reticule.
still life is no needs much smooch
fights lard cold bloody wars
yet dreams of an iron fire decanter
the pact of co-allegiance never fascinate
which is why masochism fight cores posse
purgatory oriented shells brace knuckle veil coral
the window and churchgates familiar viral
molasses and moonsalt strewn foddernut
for face carry varies of toenails shed Croc
so some do not fight for money brother
some fight for pride and condolences
septic furl wit humans not only
if a Leo gives birth to a sheep,
one day it forgets motherhood,
the beauty in the rose eyes espies
timbrels, timber and horn-bill
of all stars, crumpled tincture
her's would have known tame ant-hill
yet untamed muzzle beetles and the very least
raw-lings now can say noodles dilemma.

pilgrims have an embrace for a pearly rain
shattered rainbows stretchers thatch path
street archers urchin, scissors that skeleton hands
yo-yo rodeo boomerang Frisbee frisk
the angels now want to show heaven
a reverend and a raven of apple bee's
this wild flower has fallen ravaging
stumps of empty barn-shed banished
and the trumpets blazer embers horizon
blood-spate sot to caterpillar's kissing
goodbye the bury needing recompense
and solace like women raped in war
the bonfires that ecstasies defrost
real life values in less life objects,
cowherd, to the cow that is a head
crevice bright stones light and fair,
and where not can it not be found?
glimpse to the truth beating hearts way
abolishment to the kindred of fathers
in the trial and sufferance whole sale
there are fleas the mole,chiropodist fruiterer
and servants the king,
all in the fealty of covenants accouter
to love that bleeding rose
in the latescense dipped in petals of blood
vocal that seems to deride ill fruition
crucifixion is the bronze serpent for the lost ages
when magnification then changes side.

yet to they that eat of the spoils
coil, foil, in the oasis and rubber store
if deem decadence of esophagus sarcophagus
culture colonialism censure in return
nepotism of sublet slave donkeys
brilliant as monkeys not even
driven thought by horns, intruders to the internal holocaust
when gourd for wineskin, foreskin placenta planted scepter
for skin center vendetta farrier
hemoglobin coverage aorta, messier or milliner
heal this divine sarcophagus
so that the mess that has come of age lass ,
for who is to bride our soul?

defunct polo destruct Athenians and pagan Apollo
pogrom bulldozed the co-Hort clump
is this the dropped horse-man
in certitude that world war three
creed decree sea indefinitely see Armageddon
elite lits fallow their own land
sold and shrewd as chairs
air-tel its wind Intel maim
streak out of fruitfullest came
zoology stage age the very same feeder
so burn, beware taxidermist chandler
in the day that she is plumassier
she shall devour to raze rendition
squandered fetus killed unborn,d &c
songs of blot sun
to a storm nun
no so horn a & b and the c of d
poets prefer K.G.B not
the real ones of the last ab-initio

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This epic bleeds imagery, exudes intensity, and delivers a fantastically good read! Just the thing for a boring afternoon! Loved it!

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