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I've never been the kind of guy
who expected what I did not earn
like manna falling from the sky
or cutting in line out of turn.

For over fifty years I've earned my way
and my old body paid the price
for strains and bumps along the way
and bones broken once or twice.

America was built by folks like me
not by those expecting a free ride,
but by men who fought to keep us free
not by those who'd run and hide.

Now socialism has come our way
demanding earned gains be taxed away
given to leeches who sleep all day.
Do working folks now have no say?

so now we have come to a choice,
follow Venezuala down the rat hole
become weak without a voice
trading "free" stuff for our soul.

Trump is not a perfect man
but look at the choice we have to make.
Biden seems us out each time he can
and runs entirely for his own sake.

Plus all know he won't last long
then round heel Harris will take his place
with her worn knees and socialist song.
The U.S. cannot go to that place......

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Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I know there are a lot of Trump haters here but can you actually support what will become the Harris Administration?
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Not Explicit Content


u'd have been
the best ever
Americas kid

too much dislike for politics.

author comment

Here in Euorpe, my friends who work in economics tell me, it's better if trump wins another 4 years simply because he is so awful. as i have never lived for any length of time in the U.S.A i don't really have the right to comment. i do believe however that we should always vote for the person who offers the most we believe in, who has the ideas that suit us,and indeed the best of the worst, i mean, is any wanna be president 100 PERCENT HONEST,
I recently read an article that said trump has been the most destructive president ever and has unravelled things that took generations in the past to hold, things that set america back generations. a divide between race has been visual and when i heard about the famous wall, i as many millions were shocked, dividing migrants and taking their children from their arms was seen throughout the world, i know it can't all be fake news. --SENSATIVE AS IT IS---

I do however think that trumps cameo's on films are quite amusing, especially the film ----little rascals---- Maybe one day he will go back to working in the fim industry.

Stan in any case even if two people have very different political views and hopes doesn't mean they cannot be friends. you and i will always be. tomorrow the whole world will be watching including myself. i cannot believe how quickley 4 years has passed.

Thank you...Teddy

Of course people with different politics can be friends if they so choose. Now to a couple of things you said. OBAMA was the one who started separating children from parents, not Trump. As to the wall, I can understand why many in Europe are intolerant of walls. Almost all walls and especially the Berlin wall were built to force people to stay within the walled area. The southern border wall is being built to keep America from being inundated with additional millions of people who want to enter our country illegally. No country can survive being swarmed by people who start off by breaking immigration laws.Oh well, in a week or so we'll know whether we have a new president........

author comment

Thank you, I wish all of the USA well.

Thank you...Teddy

The U.S. will survive regardless who is elected but it won't be the same great nation if biden wins

author comment
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