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Cold winter rain assails my home.
I pay it little heed
as through the past I slowly roam
causing my soul to bleed.

For the past is flush with those
who are now behind that final door,
a time when I wore smaller clothes
when I gave no thought to nevermore.

And the rain pounds on and on
while those ghosts float through my mind
as the time approaches dawn
with peace of mind being hard to find.

Maybe because just yesterday
I stood in a crowd beside a hole
where one more friend from a past day
would soon rest deeper than a mole.

Then my phone begins to chime.
A buddy asks for my day's plan
which crumbles the past's accrued rime
just when daylight comes around again.

Break of dawn and making a plan
with a friend at last brings me a smile
bringing joy to this old fat man
for at least a little while.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


kick it of well Jan is very cold here wait towards the end my mind may steer else take the lead I plead mny won't in the snow read play the harp and drink wine maybe whiskey life yesterday was no misery now it is as we see a history yesterday we loll'd now add another R... rflol may be stan judge the jan poetry and keep happy save dollar 20 you so far never gave me poemise this perhaps I may as my fingers about the laps top play now only upon my laps play wow it's mighty cold today gloves can't me betray have a good wintry day stan today cheers let jess say we may compose another one another day It's snowing here today

here where a 3 inch snow snarls traffic lol.......stan

author comment

yeah normal minus 23 degrees
goes down to minus 37 ...for small whiles
Jess has already kicked me
read my poem pl

Life is full of moments where we find ourselves pausing to reassess our mortality... more so as we age. I enjoyed how you captured the feelings of such a moment, enjoying more the smile you left at the end.
A pleasure to read.

Yes we older folks tend to brood if we allow ourselves to don't we? Always good to se a new face show up on a poem of mine............stan

author comment

I do like to interact, I'm not just a creative who posts and sits back wondering why no one is reading me, I enjoy reading the works of others although not very good at critiquing.
I am a little confused when it comes to finding all the posts here (to read) but I am sure I'll find my way around in time.

"track all activity"tab under the tools bar. This shows activity from the most recent to way way back. To look for a particular poem either yours or somebody else's Go to tool bar, hit search. This brings up a page that lets you find any poem if you know the title. It even has an advanced search feature if you can only recall a few words of a poem. Now if you read a poem and want to read more of the same poet's works just hit the writer's name on one of his/her poems. This will bring up all their works beginning with most recent.
Hope you find this useful and holler if you have more questions. If you want to contact a member without posting on a poem hit the author's name. When you go to their page there is also a "message this member" feature by which you can private message or PM the member.........stan PS I'm gonna leave this on this page just in case others new to site might have similar questions

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