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I stepped outside
To see the view
The sky still dark
The rain just thru

Then the sun
Burst out its rays
And they shown down
Thru all the haze

So it appeared
As if next door
The arc those blazing
Colours bore

It seemed so close
I could just reach
And with my hand
Those colours breach

And as I stood there
In the light
It was so clear
It was so bright

The air was fresh
So clean and pure
I was amazed
By its allure

My nostrils flared
My senses peaked
The moment seemed
So quite unique

But as I gazed
More clouds appeared
And then my rainbow

BOEMS by JA 218

Editing stage: 


This is a difficult subject as it is so popular among children and children's poetry. Indeed this poem would fit in such an anthology, and there is always a need from children's book illustrators for suitable
As a poem for adults it needs more than just description as we read poetry for something more than that. Finding something new from the theme of rainbows. that i think is hard to do!

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Nothing wrong with children's poetry. Indeed it is just that which might lead a child to later become a poet. But should you want to make this more attractive to adults it's pretty simple. In the last stanza just turn the rainbow into all thing ephemeral......stan

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