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My Heart Needs A Translator

my heart
needs a translator

besides my tired face
my ponderous body

my timid, stuttering speech
my sheepish grin

I am very often
but on the inside

I am an unironic
thank you note

full blown
to the maker of stars
the constructor of sentences
canorous and keen

explaining poverty
and riches
according to truest love
and vilest greed

the perfection of an apple

as well as the whole story
of Adam and Eve

Moses in the Desert
David in the City
and Christ on the Cross

I have read libraries
of tales
true and mythological

Kerouac and Shakespeare
Melville and Faulkner

that make my heart sing
and it is time
to learn to sing
in return

with pen and tongue
eyes and face and
yes, even my dying body

my heart needs a translator
for it is swelling to breaking point

overflowing with love

and nobody knows

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you sound as if you just discovered you do have a inner voice another perfect title ,and you are bursting with this new found knowledge give it time and what is good becomes great

thanks Shadowdancer, for checking out some of my poetry. I really appreciate the time and comments. I've been writing for a little while, particularly song writing. but I definitely am still finding my voice and honing my craft. I think every heart needs a translator, and often other people put into words more deeply what I'd like to be saying. the world of words, to me, is such a special place to be. taking the ordinary and extraordinary and giving it the poetic voice it deserves. I was telling a friend that, as a drummer, it took me a long time to become really good. that it was the great drummers that set the bar so high. I feel on the beginning of the same journey with poetry, with a lot of great writers who have set the bar really high. thanks again for taking an interest in my stuff. look forward to reading yours, too.

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