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Far off any heavy traveled road
sits a long lost southern town.
It carries cotton's heavy load
with sagging roofs that almost frown.

The miles which once turned white in fall
from fields of cotton to be picked
now see no burst bolls at all.
Times now gone as their clock ticked.

Naught but pines and pastures grow
as the old gin slowly declines.
Through its door only winds go
its walls scaled by kudzu vines.

The cross roads at the old town's heart,
which never had too many stores,
has seen them all slowly depart
with "closed" signs posted on their doors.

Once tidy homes are empty now,
blank windows stare with forlorn eyes.
Verandas sagging with with time's bow
and lost dreams I now realize.

I stand transfixed as the sun sets
where folks once worked and children played
nearly overcome with vague regrets
seeing how hopes sometimes fade.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Mt. Carmel is one of many small southern towns which died as the cotton culture became extinct.....
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Not Explicit Content


I'm sorry but I don't understand this. I looked up "Mount Carmel" and found Mount Carmel is a l mountain range in the north of what is now Israel. It's also a refuge for alcoholics in London. I assume there is another one somewhere else so a note about where you mean would be helpful.

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

Check the "last few words" . Mt. Carmel is also the name of a small town in the north east corner of South Carolina. But it describes many other small now deserted towns scattered throughout the south whose futures died with the demise of King Cotton.I first went there about 40 years ago. It was declining then but still had a general store and real estate business going and the houses were mostly occupied. I went back about 5 years ago and not a business was open and all the old houses were empty. It was a modern day ghost town

author comment

We don't have any such "ghost towns" in England, except perhaps a village in Dorset which was requisitioned by the army many years ago and which was used as a training ground for soldiers practising urban warfare and for target practice too. The inhabitants were forced out but never permitted to return after the war. It's now a tourist attraction (when it's not been used by the army) which is rather poor taste. I believe they hold memorial services in the ruins of the church. Any former residents would be in their late eighties or nineties by now. Sad.

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

actually saw a documentary of the town you are talking about. Just shows how much a person can trust the government.......

author comment

Or the Army.

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

you Stan
hope all's well
that stars* only can tell

* neo poets

Don't shoot at me and you won't miss me lol. I've been in a bit of a funk lately as far as writing goes.

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We call them ghost towns over here, I guess in Italy they are just ruins.

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