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Mom’s Smiles (COMPOSED BY Lovedly) Inspiration Contest

Mom’s Smiles (COMPOSED BY Lovedly) Inspiration Contest

Very sentimental poetry
I recall my mom’s last eyes
no tears
Smiles as she passed by
tears did not then come into my eyes I too smiled
Then it rained all day and night
mom’s smiles went away
now I thirst for those looks till today
as she passed away

it rains till today
nearly five decades away
she still smiles daily at me
I my mom can see
smiling with me

It does no longer rain
now it only snows
heaven knows
when she calls out to me
when are you coming
I smile back and ask
Are you still waiting for me

INSPIRED Inspiration Contest

Loveliest Poem ''Mom’s Smiles''
is my Classic poem
so many have praised it
beyond sky levels
do make it a point to read it
You also have moms lovely

She still comes to me daily
smiles really and earnestly
and says
Son I am still waiting for you
but take your time
I aren’t in no hurry

Though here there is no worry
The Lord looks after us absolutely
really earnestly
like you my son did religiously

But meeting you
will be my universal desire
fulfilled in entire
and continue to post more poetry
reading you son is really lovely.

Yes she passed away
almost more than fifty years
gone Times’ lonely path way
No one has come
to for ever stay
we all shall also pass away
but love to for as long stay
you too old poets may

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I never expected anybody to use one of their own poems for inspiration lol. BTW you need to put (inspiration contest) next to title or risk DQ

rare is I

author comment

only lovedly is valid please as per adm

One needs ''Staying Power''
to be a life long poet
Few have the endowment
all know it
Reading poetry is Optional
Respecting others words is a Compulsion
No one is PERFECT

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