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If you’re of the mind
That your life has been unkind
I wonder how you’d fare
With misery everywhere

It’s better to accept your lot
And build on what you got
Then perhaps you’ll be of worth
When you finally, leave this earth
WIZDUMBs by JA 734

Editing stage: 


depression is a mental illness not a choice, It has nothing to do with if you rich or poor. Some people will be sad and depressed their entire lives, and they don’t know how to cope with. Imagine feeling like shit your whole life and never really getting better. The best thing is to recognize the signs and get professional help.

Mario Vitale

a good message scripted in two meaningful verses...


raj (sublime_ocean)

It's really difficult to face reality ,especially if it happens to be a sad one.I nicely penned poem Ja Ja.

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