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The furnace hot breath blows
the little family sleeps
while outside the roil of snow
snakes its strength
past the trees and posts
etching with cold
this resolute beauty fast

Throw on an old familar jacket
worn tattered
and shoes with a torn lace
a collar patched on to thwart
the winter
no hip name brand
keeps me warm
mitts on each hand

this lighter burns alive
the stub and I marvel
at how life goes on

and near but unseen
the Winter Plow like
a beast thunders past

memories fill the void
where my footsteps
have trod
and soon I shall
take my rest and nod

take my worries and
pains beneath the
quilts and settle
like the wind
to the place of peace
while the whirlwind
clouds sift their
frozen fleece


Editing stage: 



how do you write about snow plows?
glad its enjoyable Boss!

Mr Esker!

author comment

a fresh rhetorical vision
just as beautiful within its new plumage...or something like that.

each man is multi-dimensional, with many songs, and dances.
sing them all, dance them as you will, you are in them all

a very sweet poem, and I like it



staring into the day and through
each soul
reading all

like the analogies Al
loved stienbeck and sexton

thanks friend

author comment

THIS is free verse, not just chopped prose. I like everything about it and have no alternatives to suggest......stan

Scribbler..Just got in from reading your work and working on
it a bit..came to mine and see its cohesive but it it rhymned
and had more meat on its bones...more relavant meaning
it would really roll along good
just a matter of reading words....the more words the more
one can work it....Like a tube of Lincoln logs or lego
I make due with half the set sometimes
...Got me thinking
I can sense the extra bridging to make it a stronger
poem....Just like that..the more the pilings
rather then just two logs One can take a big
truck rather then just a pick up

I like the free verse because its just word combinations
I see how its jarring to go from a scheme that rymhmes
to the free verse..

but I like how we all have our unique voice too

Thank You for the stop by!

author comment

I read a fair amount of minimalist free verse here and elsewhere. The problem with most of it is that the authors get too carried away with the minimalism. If they had written "The Raven" it would have said merely : black bird visits at night. It as if they think using Any poetic devices is some kind of sin. I seldom if ever see that in your works though I sometimes have to strain the ol' brain to deduce your intent lol. Keep up the good work......stan

of all or any is that I loved the poetry in the childrens books of youth
far far awawy now...and then all the poetry work in school
We did study the raven in english class.....I got reading Poe just
from that...many many books later I have read of his life and works
his style abstract art.....putting in effort to correlate it all
into Art....rather then a banged together installation.....I put in
effort into my sketches too and paintings..
like my replys and the end I like something that works
that shows work even if its a minimalist peice....I dont understand
some of my works when I get back to them
time and distance and what I was going through is etched in
each of them..

Thank You for letting me know that they are worthy products
and that the basic understanding passes...
I like too how you interpret a mystery to them or others have
which is what I like too...

People for me have to have a mystery..
half my poetry is about or includes characters
and my emotional response to them
the human factor

Thank You!

author comment

efforts show in the quality of your results. But you have now messed up by revealing you are also an artist lol. I shall thus PM a request lol...........stan

of words craft

You are out there on your own, the skillfull way you weave your words. Like this a lot. Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

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