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mary magdalene

at his tomb,there was ointment of savour, beryl's
at his feet, stencils, another babe at tears from the loss
in memorial for a passage of three days

on blooming hills, has the mariner seen Poseidon
the erasure of time dumbfounded , Greece
and his confidant, that wrests the heart , free from captive
hearts into the sea, from a thrift
the winds are poor to the anchor scrambled
dark, cut across the pages of gateway

a pregnancy drowned other voices away
an army of mercenaries waits for the order
skeptics and the state of the mind, they enter a trance
" the lancet' lance AND LANCELOT
much weaker of a shock resembled
to herald a veil opened in the sky

it dismounts upon the vegetal podiums
no more, once lived the red flowers
petals of blood; it drained, unspilled
pints in pints, without now fingerprints
to clutch numbers of a distress call, boiling
the carcass was frail to step down. keep.

crowded pack, ask more for the rest
extracted from the flowers of hypnotism
for the brothers and sisters in perdition, on this road
in retinue, seeking to grow a beard, or glow
subdued keepers of time like ozonized grasses
to show directions to the tomb of his fathers

its glossaries seam souls, galaxy of hobbits galvanized,
so far from the depth, may we continue our conversations,
prosaic, or dross blouse, Nano of a moth famished filament
galleria, and true crime of the golden orb spiders
of the moon in the sky-0full presence of the first
the first that we call the alpha," the beginning of time"

who grieves that the sky make boulders
in the beach of peach and mountains sunsets
o such beauty 'ach.. such cowardly exit'
taken to repossess the form of a cur
one who has no home, an orphaned dog
yells but quieted complexities ,bark from the incoming holocaust

blindness, who we are- newborn
cheats from the sheets beveled proactive peregrination
flairs billow, on homes covered from the sunlight
fork tongued and vials of cobra designs, carnivorous deception
and your buckets become emptied, o rise
the sight man have come lazily to mow our streets

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I like it.
"AND LANCELOT" lose the caps, they are unnecessary.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

i just thought about stress patterns, you know there, if you but enough emphasis on that degree, it becomes more dramatic

author comment

I don't need to,

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

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